Improving Fraction Education: A Next Gen Learning Q&A

In the second article of a four-part series, SMALLab Learning CEO, Dr. David Birchfield, sits down with Ed Camic, a fourth-grade teacher at Twin Rivers Intermediate School in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. They discuss the school’s approach to STEM and technology. They describe how SMALLab works at the school, and explain the data showing how SMALLab is improving 4th graders’ understanding of fractions.

Dr. Birchfield: Tell me more about this. How did you assess whether your students were learning fractions in SMALLab?

Ed Camic: We used SMALLab’s Student Insight Center to test students’ understanding of fractions. They took an online assessment before and after a SMALLab session using the More Or Less lesson. With our fractions lesson, we saw that student scores improved by 15 percent after using our SMALLab. That was really exciting!

Our students love learning in SMALLab. It’s one of the activities they look forward to the most. When a learning technology like SMALLab can have this type of impact, amazing things start to happen!

Read the full Q&A here.