Introducing Wink!

Wink! is an experience that makes SMALLab activities accessible via any interactive board or web browser. 

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Use Anywhere

Extend the reach of SMALLab’s interactive and collaborative learning environment. With no requirements for a dedicated, physical space, Wink! works anywhere there’s an web-accessible computer.


Easy Scalability

Use across your school or your entire school district without limitations on simultaneous usage. Wink! can be used by multiple teachers and entire classes of students at the same time.



In the hands of both teachers and students, the Wink! CreateStudio℠ makes it easy for anyone to author customized learning activities and present them to the class.


access an Activity library

The activities of Wink! reflect popular topics taught throughout the school year and across grade levels. Activities complement your existing lesson plans and are standards aligned and integrated into your curriculum.

Collaborative or Individual Activities

The flexibility of Wink! means that teachers can direct activities centrally in order to drive student collaboration, or provide direct-to-student access via each student’s tablet or Chromebook.

Student-Level Analytics

Run activities in the classroom or as part of homework assignments and get real time analytics. With student-level analytics, teachers see how students are using Wink!

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