Next Gen Learning Highlights Grande Innovation Academy

In a new NGLC Q&A blog post "Teaching the Whole Child Utilizing Collaborative Learning Spaces", Grande Innovation Academy Executive Director Patty Messer and SMALLabs Dr. David Birchfield discuss how SMALLab is being integrated into her charter school. 

Dr. Birchfield: What were your teachers’ reactions when they experienced SMALLab? 

Messer: They love it! They’re so excited. We implemented it in the spring of 2017, after we did demonstrations for the teachers and parents, the students had the opportunity to go in and experience our SMALLab as well. Every single student was able to experience our SMALLab at least once during those last few weeks in May. Just this morning, I gave a tour to three new families, and they were super excited as well.

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