How do I integrate SMALLAB into my curriculum and teacher schedules?

All SMALLab, activities are aligned to state and national standards. We provide thousands of activities that cover all grades and subjects.

SMALLab also comes with a set of pre-made courses that can be modified to match your district’s scope and sequence. This enables teachers to quickly get up and running with SMALLab, and deliver the most impactful SMALLab lessons to their students.

Can I create my own content for SMALLab?

Yes. The SMALLab Create Studio is open for educators and students to create content to be used in SMALLab. You can create and publish your own activities in a matter of minutes. The CreateStudio is cloud-based so you can access it at work or at home.

Can my students create content for SMALLab?

Yes. The SMALLab Create Studio is also available to students. This enables great project-based learning opportunities for kids of all ages. Their work can also be shared across the SMALLab network if the school desires to do so.

How many students can use SMALLab at once?

SMALLab is designed to engage all students in the learning experience using a variety of participation frameworks. It is common for classes of 25 or more students across all grade levels to stay on task and collaborate in SMALLab for extended periods.

Is there something I can do in my classroom that integrates with SMALLab?

Yes. SMALLab provides a product called Wink! that enables SMALLab content to be used on any interactive board or web browser. Teachers use Wink! To bridge learning experiences between SMALLab and their classrooms. Wink is also a great way to blend your 1:1 computing program with SMALLab activities.

Do most districts install their SMALLabs in Elementary, Middle, or High Schools?

SMALLab provides lessons for all K-12 grades and subject areas. It is common for districts to install a SMALLab in each building however, there are more SMALLabs in use at the elementary level because of the typical distribution of schools in a district. Our lessons are differentiated by grade and ability. The learning experiences grow in complexity as students enter the upper grades.

How do I train my staff on SMALLab?

SMALLab is a learning company built by educators. We deliver customized Professional Development to your staff to train them in the learning frameworks that improve student success in SMALLab and its operation. Teachers can also enroll in the SMALLab Leadership Academy if they are interested in continuing to grow their ability in this area.

What size room do I need?

The typical size is at least 25’ x 25’ with a 8’6”+ ceiling height but other sizes can be easily accommodated.   

Can I use the SMALLab as a multipurpose room?

Yes. In cases where space is an issue SMALLab can be used for other class structures. The only part of the system on the floor is a foam mat that can be easily removed and replaced.

How hard is it to set up SMALLab?

Installation is simple and is completed in one day. SMALLab provides a turnkey hardware and installation service that requires very little from the district.