Deploying SMALLab with a limited budget: A Next Gen Learning Q&A

In the third article of a four-part Next Gen Learning series, SMALLab Learning CEO, Dr. David Birchfield, sits down with Philip Martell, Superintendent of Connellsville Area School District. They discuss the challenges of driving student outcomes in a poorly-funded district, and the opportunity created by deploying embodied learning technologies such as SMALLab. They describe the impact that using SMALLab has on faculty, students, and parents alike.

Dr. Birchfield: Where does SMALLab fit into your Vision?

Martell: We’ve invested in a lot of technology. We have a new media center, a cyber platform, and two fully-functional fabrication labs. But we have five SMALLabs, and of all of our initiatives, our SMALLabs are having the biggest success. Not only have the teachers gravitated toward it, but the students have as well. We work hard so we can reach every single student with SMALLab.

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