SMALLab "Brings learning to life!"

In a recent EdScoop article, Ryan Johnston talks with Denise Manganello the principal of the Seneca Valley PA Academy of Choice and Dr. David Birchfield the founder of SMALLab about how SMALLab Learning transforms traditional lesson plans into multi-sensory learning experiences. 

Here is a brief excerpt from the article. Enjoy. 

The versatility has allowed for all types of learners to engage, according to Denise Manganello, principal of Seneca Valley Academy of Choice, who has plans to expand SMALLab usage in the Pennsylvania program's classrooms. “It has so many different opportunities for students to learn content or how things are developed or to collaborate and reach a higher level of thinking and metacognition," Manganello told EdScoop. "Really, everybody should be using it.”

“It brings learning to life," she added. "The kids are up, they’re moving. They’re also collaborating, they’re working together and tying it all in.”

SMALLab says its results have been stellar: The company's research studies indicate an 86 percent increase in student learning. Teachers have also noted a 33 percent increase in effectiveness alongside an almost 700 percent increase in student-led discussion, which is a key indicator of success within a SMALLab environment.

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