Measuring The Impact SMALLab Has On Student Leadership

In the final article of a four-part Next Generation Learning series, SMALLab Learning CEO, Dr. David Birchfield, sits down with Tracy Williams, Technology Coach and SMALLab instructor at Bobtown Elementary School, a rural Pennsylvania school outside Pittsburgh. They discuss William’s process for evaluating new technologies, and how Bobtown’s SMALLab creates leadership opportunities for students that are often unseen at home or in the classroom.

Tracy Williams... 

Specifically, I look for three things:
First, the solution should have a proven track record of improving student outcomes across the entire curriculum—not just in math, but in language arts as well. 
Second, the solution must reinforce and improve retention of topics taught in the classroom. It has to enhance the classroom experience, not replace it. 
Third, the solution has to make the learning environment fun, interactive, and collaborative. 

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