White House office studies benefits of video games

Constance Steinkueler is studying the civic potential of video games and is on an 18-month assignment at the White House. As an analyst at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Steinkuehler is shaping the Obama administration's policies around games that improve health, education, civic engagement and the environment, among other areas. February 1, 2012, Greg Toppo writes for USA Today. White-House-studies-video-games-40U7JTM-x-large

Recent research shows that video games now reach across demographic and generational lines with the advent of cell phone and casual games changing the face of the typical gamer. Researchers are also finding that video games make exceptional teaching machines. President Obama wants to create "educational software that's as compelling as the best video game" that teaches you something other than just blowing something up.

Steinkuehler is tasked with helping to develop "big, save-the-world games" across subject areas and platforms. "I want them to be top-notch, super-high-quality games. I want great educational content and beautiful design."

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