SMALLab Games Produced by the BrainSTEM Team

Here's a look at the SMALLab games produced by the BrainSTEM team in the fall of 2012 for Elizabeth Forward Middle School.

BrainSTEM was an interactive education project with Elizabeth Forward School District to develop immersive, interactive experiences for middle school students using the SMALLab.

SMALLab is a unique piece of technology that focuses on embodied learning, which blends learning with human-computer interaction. Embodied learning is collaborative, multimodal, and kinesthetic: by having students interact together in a physical setting, through touch, sight, and sound, they are more likely to remember what they learned long-term.

During this project, a team of students worked with the faculty at Elizabeth Forward Middle School to pinpoint areas of learning that students struggle to master and create embodied learning experiences that transform the classroom experience into a fully kinesthetic learning environment. We focused on Math and Language Arts for 6th and 7th grades, creating 3 fully polished and customizable teaching experiences for the classroom. The games we created focused on fractions, the order of operations, and prefix/root/suffix connections and comprehension.