Dr. David Birchfield CEO

Dr. David Birchfield is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer.  He has led the SMALLab research and development effort since 2005.  In that role he has managed a multi-million dollar budget, working with government agencies, foundations, industry partners, schools, and museums.

Dr. Birchfield received his Doctorate in Music from Columbia University.  He has a background in digital media and performance. His research focuses on real-time interactivity and experiential media system design as applied to creative and educational spaces. This work includes K-12 learning, games, interface design and generative mechanisms for media.


John Trionfo COO

John Trionfo is a market development executive with 25 years of experience in visionary sales, developing new markets, building and scaling sales teams and reinvigorating underperforming products and divisions. He has worked for several startups and specializes in bringing products to market in a manner that enables early adoption and scalability.  His expertise spans a broad range of areas including commercial and federal sales, marketing, engineering, operations, forecasting, and strategic planning.

Cyndi Boyd Operations and Account Manager

Cyndi Boyd is an Account Manager. She has 20 years of experience involved with management of operations, sales & marketing, and customer service. She holds an MBA with a specialization in entrepreneurship and a particular interest in working with children, enhancing their learning capabilities through technology and interactive learning experiences to build critical thinking skills.