Dr. David Birchfield, Founder and CEO

As Founder and CEO of SMALLab, Dr. David Birchfield brings more than two decades of passion for learning, technology, and student achievement in the classroom. He has led the SMALLab research and development effort since 2005. In that role, he has managed a multi-million dollar budget and worked with government agencies, foundations, industry partners, schools, and museums.

Dr. Birchfield received his Doctorate in Music from Columbia University.  He has a background in digital media and performance. His research focuses on real-time interactivity and experiential media system design as applied to creative and educational spaces. This research includes K-12 learning, games, interface design, and generative mechanisms for media, which he has presented in both publications and at conferences. Dr. Birchfield is the father of two preschoolers.


John Trionfo, COO

John Trionfo is the Chief Operating Officer of SMALLab Learning. John has a deep passion for helping students reach their full growth and potential, and has trained hundreds of teachers in the tenets of embodied and inquiry learning, active classrooms, curriculum integration, and performance analytics. In addition to his work training teachers, Trionfo has taught several hundred students in SMALLab across all grade levels and subject areas.

As a market development executive of more than 25 years, John brings expertise in building companies, developing markets, and launching new divisions for larger companies. He has worked for several startups, and specializes in bringing products to market in a manner that enables early adoption and scalability. His career spans a broad range of areas including enterprise software, embedded systems, virtual design and simulation technologies, data services, and educational technologies. He has managed operations, sales, marketing, and engineering divisions over his career. John holds a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.

Cyndi Boyd, Operations Manager

A passionate advocate of using technology for learning, Cyndi Boyd is an Account Manager at SMALLab. She has 20 years of experience involved with management of operations, sales & marketing, and customer service. She holds an MBA with a specialization in entrepreneurship and a particular interest in working with children, enhancing their learning capabilities through technology and interactive learning experiences to build critical thinking skills.


Kim hall, curriculum & teacher support specialist

Kim Hall has a passion for teaching and learning. She has 15 years experience in education with 8 years as a classroom teacher. She believes that learning should be fun and exciting for students of all ages. She holds a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.


Lee Ann Segalla, director, smallab leadership academy

Lee Ann Segalla is a retired teacher, coach, administrator, and change agent with 35 years of experience in public education. She has taught young children to read, intermediate students to reason mathematically, adolescents, to wrestle with environmental concepts, classroom teachers to reflect on their instructional practice, and graduate students to have more thoughtful investigations. She led 96 Wake County Elementary Schools (Raleigh, NC) in the adoption inquiry-based math and science, balanced literacy, implementation of PLCs and standards-based grading. During her tenure in Guilford County (Greensboro, NC) she was part of a team that led the district’s implementation of Response To Intervention, developed district-wide practices in serving Academically Gifted students, and increased the numbers of students taking Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses. She was a contributing author of Getting Started with Rigorous Curriculum Design. You can find her in her garden, entertaining, at a fabric store or painting when she’s not working with educators!