Measuring The Impact SMALLab Has On Student Leadership

Measuring The Impact SMALLab Has On Student Leadership

In the final article of a four-part series, SMALLab Learning CEO, Dr. David Birchfield, sits down with Tracy Williams, Technology Coach and SMALLab instructor at Bobtown Elementary School, a rural Pennsylvania school outside Pittsburgh. They discuss William’s process for evaluating new technologies, and how Bobtown’s SMALLab creates leadership opportunities for students that are often unseen at home or in the classroom.

Tracy Williams... 

Specifically, I look for three things:
First, the solution should have a proven track record of improving student outcomes across the entire curriculum—not just in math, but in language arts as well. 

Second, the solution must reinforce and improve retention of topics taught in the classroom. It has to enhance the classroom experience, not replace it. 

Third, the solution has to make the learning environment fun, interactive, and collaborative. 

SMALLab "Brings learning to life!"

SMALLab "Brings learning to life!"

In a recent EdScoop article, Ryan Johnston talks with Denise Manganello the principal of the Seneca Valley PA Academy of Choice and Dr. David Birchfield the founder of SMALLab about how SMALLab Learning transforms traditional lesson plans into multi-sensory learning experiences. 

Here is a brief excerpt from the article. Enjoy. 

The versatility has allowed for all types of learners to engage, according to Denise Manganello, principal of Seneca Valley Academy of Choice, who has plans to expand SMALLab usage in the Pennsylvania program's classrooms. “It has so many different opportunities for students to learn content or how things are developed or to collaborate and reach a higher level of thinking and metacognition," Manganello told EdScoop. "Really, everybody should be using it.”

“It brings learning to life," she added. "The kids are up, they’re moving. They’re also collaborating, they’re working together and tying it all in.”

SMALLab says its results have been stellar: The company's research studies indicate an 86 percent increase in student learning. Teachers have also noted a 33 percent increase in effectiveness alongside an almost 700 percent increase in student-led discussion, which is a key indicator of success within a SMALLab environment.

Read the full article here.

Deploying SMALLab with a limited budget: A Next Gen Learning Q&A

Deploying SMALLab with a limited budget: A Next Gen Learning Q&A

In the third article of a four-part Next Gen Learning series, SMALLab Learning CEO, Dr. David Birchfield, sits down with Philip Martell, Superintendent of Connellsville Area School District. They discuss the challenges of driving student outcomes in a poorly-funded district, and the opportunity created by deploying embodied learning technologies such as SMALLab. They describe the impact that using SMALLab has on faculty, students, and parents alike.

Dr. Birchfield: Where does SMALLab fit into your Vision?

Martell: We’ve invested in a lot of technology. We have a new media center, a cyber platform, and two fully-functional fabrication labs. But we have five SMALLabs, and of all of our initiatives, our SMALLabs are having the biggest success. Not only have the teachers gravitated toward it, but the students have as well. We work hard so we can reach every single student with SMALLab.

Improving Fraction Education: A Next Gen Learning Q&A

Improving Fraction Education: A Next Gen Learning Q&A

Ed Camic: We used SMALLab’s Student Insight Center to test students’ understanding of fractions. They took an online assessment before and after a SMALLab session using the More Or Less lesson. With our fractions lesson, we saw that student scores improved by 15 percent after using our SMALLab. That was really exciting!

Next Gen Learning Highlights Grande Innovation Academy

Next Gen Learning Highlights Grande Innovation Academy

In a new NGLC Q&A blog post "Teaching the Whole Child Utilizing Collaborative Learning Spaces", Grande Innovation Academy Executive Director Patty Messer and SMALLabs Dr. David Birchfield discuss how SMALLab is being integrated into her charter school. 

Dr. Birchfield: What were your teachers’ reactions when they experienced SMALLab? 

Messer: They love it! They’re so excited. We implemented it in the spring of 2017, after we did demonstrations for the teachers and parents, the students had the opportunity to go in and experience our SMALLab as well. Every single student was able to experience our SMALLab at least once during those last few weeks in May. Just this morning, I gave a tour to three new families, and they were super excited as well.

Read the entire NGLC post here.

WHNT News 19 covers SMALLAb @ Huntsville Middle School

In an article titled, "The “Future of Education” Looks A Lot Like A Virtual Reality Video Game", Daniela Perallon features SMALLab for WHNT News 19 in Huntsville, Alabama.

When WHNT News 19 visited the lab on March 20th, the students were tracking constant velocity by holding the wands and walking along a track calculating their speed. This great article aired that same evening.

Education Week Features SMALLab

Education Week published a great article profiling the science behind SMALLab. The article is titled "High-Tech Simulations Linked to Learning". The article features a number of quotes from SMALLab teachers and students. A student, Dominic Heurta, describes his SMALLab experience saying, “You get to interact and enjoy yourself, but most of all, you learn more,” he said. “You don’t get bored, and you actually think about the things you are doing.”