The Science of Learning

Ask2Learn, from the creators of SMALLab, is a learning methodology. Based on the latest cognitive neuroscience and evidence-based research, it focuses on the science of how students learn and retain knowledge. Consisting of both classroom content and assessment rubrics, Ask2Learn is available for all educators and administrators to use.

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a learning method built around


Asking questions to drive critical thinking


Understanding Memory and how to improve retention


integrating the mind and body connection into the learning experience



creating Collaboration to drive engagement and success


Being Curious


Try this simple example

What is the house number of the home you grew up in? You probably remembered that quickly—even though you haven’t lived there for years.

Now, what did you have for lunch 4 days ago? Thats a lot harder for some reason. Even though it’s a recent memory, it has not been repeatedly accessed by your brain and, as a result, is easily forgotten. For the home you grew up in, you repeatedly accessed that memory over and over again. This is a learning technique called Spaced Repetition, and it’s one example of how Ask2Learn improves knowledge acquisition.

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Ask2Learn Resources

Use this framework to evaluate effective classroom teaching techniques.

Hang this poster to remind students of the power of questioning.

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